Two Make-up Friday Classes Cancelled!

NYU Prague has decided to cancel two of the Make up Fridays for Wednesday classes — March 1st and March 15th. Professors who teach on Wednesdays will work with their students to find another time slot for the two missing sessions and attendance at these sessions is mandatory. (Professors will discuss this with you during the first week of classes and find a time that works for everyone).


Travel Tips from Your Site Rep

We’ve done a decent amount of traveling and have made some classic travel mistakes in my time. Be smarter than us by following these tips!

  • I know we’ve mentioned this before, but tell your bank and credit card companies that you will travel abroad. Make sure they won’t block your accounts when they see international charges, and ask for phone numbers to call from abroad in the event you have any issues. The 1-800 numbers on the back won’t always work from overseas.
  • Do not plan to use your blow dryers and flat irons that you use here in the US. Even with a plug adaptor and converter, the higher voltage can destroy (as in burn to a crisp!) your appliances and could potentially knock out power in entire buildings, which isn’t a great way to make friends abroad. If you’re not willing to forgo the blow dryers and flat irons for a few months, then it’s best to purchase local versions that operate on 220 volts once you get abroad.
  •  Bring a small weekend-size bag/backpack/collapsible duffle bag for trips you’ll take during your time abroad. Pack it with everything you’ll need for the first few days of your trip and bring it as a carry-on on the plane, so you’ll be ready in case your baggage is delayed.
  • Don’t forget that you cannot bring more than 3 oz. of any liquid in your carry on for your flight overseas.  Airport security can be very stringent. Make sure you follow all the rules when it comes to flying!
  • If you follow a special diet (vegetarian, kosher, etc.) don’t forget to inform your airline ahead of time. It’s horribly unpleasant to be hungry and thirsty while you’re on a plane and they control when you get meals, so bring some snacks (stay away from fruit, especially if you have a layover in a European airport, as some countries don’t want you to bring perishable food into their airports). And make sure you have your own water on the flight (though you can’t take any through security, remember).
  • Make several photocopies of your passport ID page and credit/debit cards to leave with a family member or someone you trust. That way, if these items are lost or stolen, they’re much easier to replace.
  • Set up a plan of communicating with your family members while abroad—we recommend calling or e-mailing them only once or twice a week while abroad. Your parents will ALWAYS want to talk to you more often than that, but remember that part of studying in another country is putting some distance between you and your old life. You’ll be better for it!
  • Buy a journal.  Study Abroad is a profoundly personal experience and Facebook updates alone won’t capture the spirit of what you are doing.  Keep a journal that is meant to be just for you.

Nemluvis Cesky?

The Czech language is at first jarring to hear and see. Long strings of consonants will confront you everywhere (try practicing Zmrzlina – ice cream –  and Knedliky – dumplings). During orientation, there is an intensive language class at the NYU Center. The class will help you get more comfortable finding your way around the city, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars!

These are some useful phrases for getting around the city:

Prosím (proseem) – Please, You’re Welcome

Dobrý den (do-bree dehn) – Good day

kuji (dyekooyee) – Thank You

Na shledanou (nah skledah-noh) – Good Bye

Nemluvím česky (neh-mloo-veem cheskee) I don’t speak Czech

For more useful czech phrases, click here.

Important NYU Prague Documents Available Online

Earlier this week, we’ve shared with you some useful documents such as the orientation schedule or the NYU Prague student handbook. All files have been uploaded into a google docs. folder “NYU Prague Spring 2013”. You can access the folder by clicking on the link in the email message  your received, or by loggin in to your NYU email account and opening Google Drive. The folder will appear under “shared with me” items.
The folder contains:
  • NYU Prague Orientation schedule (subject to change)
  • NYU Prague handbook (download the file and view in Acrobat reader )
  • Arrival Cheat Sheet
  • Internship Packet
  • Trip packet (review NYU Prague trip offerings and sign up for free trips during orientation!)
We’ll keep adding files to this folder thought out the semester. If you’re having any trouble accessing the folder, please let us know.

Housing Assignments & Arrival Information

You should have received your housing assignment via email last week. If you can’t find it, please let me know.

This post includes everything you need to know about your arrival. Please note, for security reasons, it does NOT contain the addresses of the dorms in Prague. For that information, please refer to the complete cheat sheet which was emailed to you on January 15th. Everything else you need to know about your arrival is below:

Confirm your flights:
You should confirm your flights 48 hours before departure. You also want to confirm luggage restrictions, both carry-on as well as checked as the restrictions to Europe are changing, in particular if you are traveling via the UK. Most airlines are now recommending THREE hours arrival before departure for international check-in.

NYU Prague Arrival Day Address and Emergency Phone Number:
+420 724 170 542 – this is the NYU Prague emergency number.You should go directly to your residence.If you are not sure where you are living, go to the Machova Residence Hall. Do NOT go tothe NYU in Prague Academic Center, as it will not be staffed.

Pack light, confirm your luggage limits with your airline, and ensure that your necessary items (medication, paperwork, etc.) are in your carry-on. Review the carry-on rules before departing for airport as they can change without notice. Leave room in your luggage in case you have to pack items from your carry on after arriving at the airport

NYU Prague’s mailing address: Male namesti 2, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic.
There is a custom tax of 30% on any package sent into the Czech Republic with a declared value of over $30. Packages are held in a customs office until students pay the tax or they will be shipped back to the USA. If you are planning to have your parents send you anything from the USA, keep this in mind-it might be cheaper and less hassle to buy things in Prague.

Arrival Date:
January 29, 2013, 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Students who arrive after the check-in date must contact Martina Faltova in advance at so we can arrange for you to pick up keys, orientation packet, etc. You cannot check into the residence hall or the apartments before January 29th. There are NO exceptions. You are responsible for making alternative housing arrangements.
If you need to store luggage before the semester begins, the train stations have facilities where you can leave luggage for a small fee. We do not recommend you leave anything of value in these storage places.

Airport Pick-Up Times
NYU Prague staff will be in Terminal 2 of the airport from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
If you arrive after 6:30 p.m. you are responsible for your own transportation (see later in this document). Staff will help direct students who arrive before 6:30 p.m. to buses or shuttles that will take you to residences. All other students should go directly to their place of residence.

About the Prague Airport:
Prague’s airport (Letiste Vaclava Havla ) is easily navigable. When you arrive at the airport you will go through immigrations, then to baggage claim and customs, after which you will be directed to the exit. There are two terminals-if you fly into terminal 1, you should walk through the airport (a short walk) to terminal 2 and meet NYU staff. Currency exchange is available within the baggage claim area as well as in the main terminal. Just outside the main customs exit doors is the building exit for ground transportation. There are taxis and buses available. If for some reason you are not met by NYU staff and have to get to the residence on your own, below are instructions on how to get there.

The easiest way to get to the residence hall is by taxi. This will cost about 700 Kc ($35). Taxis at the airport are regulated and safe. You can also take shuttles which will take you to any location in the city –these are shared with other passengers, so take longer, and cost about 550 Kc. The shuttle can be booked in advance by sending your arrival details to . Do NOT go to the NYU Academic Center, as no one will be there.

If you have missing luggage complete the paperwork before you exit the customs area.
Keep a copy of this paperwork, and bring it with you to check-in. We will assist you with
tracking. You should put the address of your residence and the emergency phone number listed on this sheet as the contact.

From the train station
If you are coming by train, you should be especially aware of pickpockets when you arrive-be careful of your belongings at all time, and do not leave any bags unattended. You can take a TAXI from the train station. The taxis at the train station tend to rip tourists off, so ask approximately how much it will cost BEFORE you get in the cab -it shouldn’t be more than 300 Kc (about $15). Try to negotiate if they are quoting outrageous sums.

Orientation will start on Wednesday, January 30th and end with the first day of classes on Monday, February 11th . You will receive a more detailed schedule upon check-in.

If something happens to your travel schedule:
-Send an e-mail to
-Call us at +420 724 170 542 between the hours of 7:00 am – 9:00 pm on January 29th only.
Remember, the airline is going to be your best source of information. They will not give us or your family your information, so you have to speak with them.

Notify your family:
Please contact your family when you arrive – otherwise our staff ends up getting phone calls at all hours from worried parents. Remind your family not to expect a phone call as quickly as if you were coming alone as a tourist. Make plans beforehand as to whether you will call or email your family and then make sure YOU do it. Remember, we will NOT give out any information beyond if you have arrived, NO EXCEPTIONS.

NYU ID Card Information

All students will need their NYU ID cards while in Prague.

NYU students: You must bring your NYU ID card with you to Prague.

Visiting students: you will receive an NYU ID card once you arrive in Prague. If you haven’t submitted your photo via Study Away Portal, please send it to ASAP so we could have your ID made.

Final Checklist

You’ll be on a plane before you know it.  Take a minute to look through this final checklist to make sure that all of your bases are covered –

  • Get your student visa
  • Register for 12 – 18 credits; this does not include any waitlisted courses
  • Pay your NYU e-Bill
  • Register for HTH and print out the confirmation card
  • Notify your bank and credit cards that you will be abroad
  • Have all medications you may need for the full term (or have a plan to get remainder)
  • Make photocopies of your passport/visa, ID, and cards (bank, credit card) and leave one copy with your parents and bring a set with you in your carry-on
  • Register with the Moses Center
  • Print and review the arrival information (will be emailed to you in coming days)
  • Cancel NYU in NYC housing if you have not already
  • Write down all important phone numbers including those listed on the contact page (your phone may not work)
  • Submit Medical Forms to the Health Center
  • Complete NYUTraveler
  • Review the Pre-departure Orientation Presentation
  • Set up a communication plan with the parents
  • Have some cash on hand to get you through the first few days (you can exchange at the airport if needed)
  • Bring your flight confirmation print-out to the airport
  • Check the luggage restrictions for your airline before you pack
  • Set up a budget
  • Bring a copy of prescriptions (medication, eyeglasses, etc.) and carry it with you in your carry on
  • Pack a carry on with all important paperwork, phone numbers, medications, and a change of clothes

Preparing to Live in a New City – Important Advice

As you prepare to land in your new home within the next few weeks, embarking on what I’m sure will be a meaningful and exciting semester, we’d like for you to take a few minutes to review the information and resources we’ve gathered to assist in your transition to live, study, and engage in a new city.

Please click here to access the online portal.

Once you log in (use your NYU netID if prompted), you will be able to watch a webinar on culture andculture shift (“What is Culture?”), links to Global Smart – a web tool that provides quick access to knowledge on how to communicate effectively with people from over sixty countries around the globe, as well as links to research about American stereotypes, cultural and ethical relativism, and tips for maximizing study abroad.

These resources are valuable and, we hope, will help you make the transition to living and studying in a new city a bit smoother.

Spring 2013 Pre-departure Survey

NYU’s Office of Global Programs strives to provide students with the best possible experiences and services as they prepare to go away, and we would like your feedback to know how we are doing and where we can improve.  Please take a few minutes (really, it will only take a few minutes!) and complete the following survey. Your answers are anonymous and will help us as we prepare for future semesters.

You can find the survey here:  Spring 2013 Pre-Departure Survey

Thanks so much for your assistance!